Parts in a hurry! "Shutdown tide" of European, American and Asian enterprises spread to do
Column:Industry News Time:2020-03-28

The outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia is threatening, and the shutdown of factories in Europe and America has led to industrial turbulence.
Affected by the epidemic, on March 25, LG Chemical and Samsung SDI announced the temporary closure of power battery plants in Michigan, US, following the closure of factories in Europe and America in mainland China, Magna, brabo and marilli.
Whether it's a parts company or an automobile giant, a day's shutdown will cost a lot. Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW have also stopped production. In 2019, the three major automobile enterprises have a total revenue of 530 billion euros (about 400 billion yuan), 15% of which are depreciation fees and taxes, about 80 billion euros (about 620 billion yuan).
The epidemic is raging in more than 190 countries and regions around the world.
On March 26, Volkswagen issued a statement that after the closure of the whole vehicle, its parts and components factory was also shut down in an all-round way, and the time for resumption of work was initially set in the middle of April, which will be determined according to the development trend of the epidemic.
Up to now, following the shutdown of some plants in Michelin and Pirelli in Europe and America, the manufacturing plants in the United States and Mexico have been closed; Bridgestone has closed 15 plants in North America and Latin America, involving 15000 employees; Nuoji tire is also considering the shutdown or production reduction, and announced the temporary layoff of 1630 people. Goodyear suspended 24 factories in Europe and America, involving 29000 employees. Goodyear said it would also synchronize the restructuring plan, or cut 1100 jobs.
Due to the shutdown of parts and auto enterprises and the impact of the epidemic, auto steel suppliers ThyssenKrupp and Tata Steel, liberty house, ArcelorMittal and other companies have also shut down production on a large scale. On March 25, ThyssenKrupp announced that it would cut 3000 jobs.
In the field of semiconductors directly related to automotive electronics, Italian French semiconductor has announced a 50% reduction in production at its French plant. At the same time, the "shutdown tide" in Europe and America caused by the epidemic is spreading to other countries and regions. Among them, Malaysia, an important chip production base in Southeast Asia, has been "closed" since 22:00 on March 16, and the factories of Infineon, cypress, Anson beauty and Rissa have been closed. "The safety of our employees and partners is absolutely paramount, and we support the initiatives of governments." Said Reinhardt Poulos, CEO of Infineon.
At present, Southeast Asia accounts for 27% of the global packaging test market, while Malaysia alone accounts for 13%. In 2019, Malaysia earned US $28.76 billion (about RMB 200 billion). Malaysia stipulates that only products related to epidemic prevention can apply for resumption of work. At present, in Malaysia, there are more than 50 semiconductor suppliers' factories in Malaysia, including Intel, AMD, NXP, Texas Instruments, ASE, Italian French semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Anshi semiconductor, Sunmoon, x-fab, etc., which are also affected. Intel Malaysia seal test factory accounts for 50% of the world's production capacity, and Tongfu micro power is AMD's largest seal test service provider. At the same time, China's overseas parts factories in Malaysia have also been affected. At present, Malaysia's air cargo is basically stopped, and foreign ships are prohibited from docking. Even with chips, transportation has become a problem.
There are more and more problems for parts. As of March 26, 60 countries around the world have declared a state of emergency due to the epidemic. Many of them have suspended international non guaranteed transportation, which has increased resistance to the operation of the global automobile industry chain.
In addition, since this year, the prices of automotive electronic ceramic capacitors and chips have been raised twice in a row. The industry believes that under the situation of increasingly tight supply, it is not ruled out that the prices may rise again. In 2011, the earthquake and tsunami hit Fukushima Prefecture, Japan, causing the production of raw materials base upstream of this important chip to stop, resulting in the shortage of raw materials and soaring prices, which is still fresh in the memory of the industry.
Solve the problem by "mending the shortcomings"
"We have been using imported Infineon chips. Although we still have inventory, it is estimated that it will have an impact after a long time." As Huang Haiyang, general manager of Shenzhen feiyouque New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., introduced to the reporter of China Automotive News, some domestic enterprises are concerned about the shortage of imported parts caused by the epidemic.
Indeed, the shutdown and transportation interruption of overseas parts and automobile enterprises directly affect domestic parts and automobile enterprises.
"Hangsheng is an international excellent automobile electronic enterprise. It has stable customers overseas. It may encounter some difficulties in exporting in a short time under the current epidemic situation. However, at present, our international business accounts for only about 18%, and most of our products are mainly sold domestically. Therefore, despite the difficulties, we will actively tap the potential of the domestic market and become passive For the initiative. " Yang Hong, chairman of Hangsheng Electronics Co., Ltd., told China auto news that it is the current situation of some parts enterprises with export business in China. At present, some parts and components enterprises like Hangsheng electronics are further exploring the domestic market.
The shutdown of overseas parts will also affect domestic vehicle enterprises. "Under the background of global economic integration, global procurement of auto parts has become the development trend of auto industry. About 5% of GAC's spare parts are imported. On the other hand, it also exports a large number of spare parts to Europe, America and Japan. " Zeng Qinghong, chairman of GAC group, said in an interview with China auto news that starting from the supply of spare parts, GAC group has implemented the "pressure guarantee" measure in the whole industry chain, "pressure guarantee" means that we should first try to ensure the supply of spare parts needed by GAC, "plus" means working overtime to tap production capacity, "force" means to fully promote sales volume and "pressure"