Details of Lexus Toyota Throttle Sensor 13420-60G00/89452-22090/89452-22080/198500-3011

Details of Ford Crankshaft Sensor 7T4F-6B288-AB 7T4F6B288AB
Part Name Car Crankshaft Sensor/Auto Crankshaft Sensor/Crankshaft Sensor
Alternative Name Ford Crankshaft Sensor
OEM ON. 7T4F-6B288-AB 7T4F6B288AB
Applicable Car Ford
Catalog of 7T4F-6B288-AB Car Sensor-Car Crankshaft Sensor-Crankshaft Sensor 7T4F-6B288-AB 7T4F6B288AB
Conditions of 7T4F-6B288-AB Replacement of Ford Crankshaft Sensor
Lead Time 3-30 working days
Packing of 7T4F-6B288-AB Neutral Packing/clients’ requirement
Warranty of 7T4F-6B288-AB 12 months
Sample Accepted and Charged
OEM/ODM Available
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