Auto Crankshaft Sensor OEM 22053-AA052 22053-AA040 22053-AA050 22053AA052 For SUBARU Car

Details of SUBARU Crankshaft Sensor 22053-AA052/22053-AA040/22053-AA050/22053AA052
Part Name Car Crankshaft Sensor/Auto Crankshaft Sensor/Crankshaft Sensor
Alternative Name SUBARU Crankshaft Sensor
OEM ON. 22053-AA052/22053-AA040/22053-AA050/22053AA052
Applicable Car Car Model Car Years
Subaru BAJA 2003-2006
Brz 2012-2019
FORESTER (SF_) 1997-2002
FORESTER (SG_) 2002-2012
FORESTER (SH_) 2008-2019
FORESTER (SJ) 2012-2019
IMPREZA Estate (GF) 1992-2000
IMPREZA Estate (GG) 2000-2008
IMPREZA Saloon (GD) 1999-2009
IMPREZA Saloon (GJ) 2011-2019
IMPREZA Saloon (GR) 2007-2019
LEGACY I Estate (BC, BJF) 1989-1994
LEGACY IV (BL) 2003-2015
LEGACY V (BM) 2009-2019
OUTBACK (BR) 2009-2019
WRX Saloon (GJ) 2011-2019
XV 2011-2019
Catalog of 22053-AA040 Car Sensor-Car Crankshaft Sensor-Crankshaft Sensor 22053-AA052/22053-AA040/22053-AA050/22053AA052
Conditions of 22053-AA040 Replacement of SUBARU Crankshaft Sensor
Lead Time 3-30 working days
Packing of 22053-AA040 Neutral Packing/clients’ requirement
Warranty of 22053-AA040 12 months
Sample Accepted and Charged
OEM/ODM Available
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