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OEM/ODM Service:
If you have the copyright (your own brand, technology and parameters,etc), we can provide OEM service for you. If you don't have the copyright but want to have your own brand, ODM service will be the best choice.
We manufacture auto filter and spark plug by our own factories.
OEM/ODM Service for Car Filters - It is for car oil filter,car air filter, car fuel filter and car cabin filter. We have an excellent R&D team to provide the best suggestion and solution, responsible purchasers screen and purchase high-quality filter cotton according our strict quality requirements.
OEM/ODM Service for Car Spark plugs - The production team carefully follows the production planning and schedule and production leaders are arranged to follow up the schedule to ensure each order is completed on time. And then QC team carefully check each product and packaging to ensure that all products are qualified before shipping to all over the world.
We also provide the services for the following auto parts.
OEM/ODM Service for Car Fuel Injector - The technical department provide professional technology to ensure good injection pressure,injection quantity,injection rate and other factors.
OEM/ODM Service for Car Ignition Coil - Different types of ignition coils meet different requirements.
OEM/ODM Service for Car Brake Pads - We produce strictly according to the requirements of our clients. The rigorous testing department test products to ensure them in good safety factor.
All products conform to ISO9001.